The Oldest System on the Planet

In the Membership Area I Give You My Picks For:

Could Life for Horse Players Get Any Easier?

Between the eBook and the video tutorials, the Oldest System on the Planet will have you picking winners in 10 Minutes…but

…that was not enough. After revamping the Oldest System on the Planet and adding video tutorials and bonuses, even though I am very proud of the outcome…(Like I said earlier, other so-called winning systems sell as high as $200.00 a pop and don’t offer near as much information as the Oldest System does at a low $47 price), I just couldn’t help but feel like I needed to take the system leaps and bounds past the competition.

“Skip the Racing Form…and Just Give Me the Horse’s Name!!”

Introducing the Oldest System on the Planet’s

From the BackSide!

OSOP’s From the BackSide is my exclusive VIP membership service where I provide you with every qualifying OSOP selection, every day at every North American race track. Sounds like a chore, right? Believe me- it is! I sift through dozens of racing forms, looking for the Oldest System on the Planet horses and post them on OSOP’s From the BackSide. I also report the results every day and show you how the horses did and what they paid. Because I want to serve you better, this membership service also keeps up with all of our statistics, providing members with insight into both “hot” and “cold” tracks and how well OSOP is performing in exotic bets, like exactas, daily doubles, pick 3′s, pick 4′s, etc. These are just a few of the services OSOP’s From the BackSide provides and I’m always looking to improve on it. I want to make From the BackSide the premier horse racing selection service all based around the Oldest System on the Planet and I feel that’s what we have ACCOMPLISHED!

You Also Get:
Daily Hot Long Shots!

You are going to love this section of the membership area! As an added bonus, Mike Jr locates and analyzes OSOP longshot plays that the general public has likely overlooked AND that are poised to have nice payout! He goes through the daily Backside selections and looks for value plays to find the “hidden gem” longshot OSOP horses, who have a good to win the race. Everyday he lists a handful of OSOP plays that he considers as legitimate contenders AND is commentary and rationale for picking them. This Mike Lane Jr’s best picks. You don’t want to miss it.

No Racing Forms Needed!

OSOP’s From the BackSide will not only save you the time and hassle of drudging through racing forms and squinting at small print to find the OSOP jewels hidden in past performances, it will also save you the money spent on these racing forms! Why buy another form when I can give you the OSOP horses on a daily basis! Believe me, this is a selection service you don’t want to miss! Whatever your learning style, the Oldest System on the Planet can work for you.

PLEASE NOTE: You will be billed $29/month until cancelled. To cancel, simply send us an email at It’s that easy.

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