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Note: The OSOP is designed for North American Horse Racing, and teaches you how to place winning bets online.

Look at All that is Included in the OSOP:

  • Main Ebook
    OSOP System

    Completely updated, the “OSOP Ebook”, is where I take you through the entire Oldest System on the Planet, showing you my exact method for picking the best horses. I will literally take you through the process starting with what to look for in each race and how to spot Oldest System horses that are primed and ready for the win. This is the “heart” of this system, with a plethora of examples. In addition, it has links directly to the appropriate video below that further shows you each step by video example.

  • VIDEO #1
    OSOP Examples

    In the first video, I essentially give you a video summary of my ebook above. “OSOP Examples”, I take you step-by-step the entire Oldest System on the Planet, showing you my exact method for picking the best horses. I will literally take you through the process starting with what to look for in each race and how to spot Oldest System horses that are primed and ready for the win. This is truly the “meat and potatoes” of this system that you don’t want to miss!

  • VIDEO #2
    Tie Breakers

    Whenever you are searching for great horses to bet on, you will inevitably run into tough decisions where it is almost like splitting hairs to make the “right” choice. This happens within the Oldest System from time to time, but with the Tie-Breakers video, I show you my exact methods for breaking OSOP ties, my angles on betting them and knowing when to cull the race altogether.

  • VIDEO #3
    The Twist

    The Twist video highlights a special set of circumstances I always look for within Oldest System horses that brings in the really big payouts. The Twist is such a powerful play within this system that once you hit one of these beauties, you’ll make it a point to find every Twist that comes along! And if you have read Profit Parlay, the Twist is your best bet for exploding the Profit Parlay method, hands down.

  • VIDEO #4
    PP Differences

    Having the best past performances form is crucial to the Oldest System on the Planet and without the proper form, you will be doomed to fail. Because there are several different past performance forms out there, the PP Differences video provides you with insight into what pp’s are the easiest to use and which ones to avoid altogether. This is a highly important video that can’t be skipped.

  • VIDEO #5
    Money Management

    Of all the things I’ve learned within the horse racing industry, learning to manage my money has been the toughest, but the most beneficial. With the Money Management video, I give you my exact method to managing your money so that your investments in racing grow. This video will teach you a simple method that you can utilize and make your own.

  • VIDEO #6
    Horse Racing Sites

    There are countless websites online that cater specifically to handicappers. In the Horse Racing Sites video, I show you some of my favorite sites, where I stay up-to-date on the horse racing industry and where I get my past performances from. Not only will this video help you to discover some great sites that will help you in your handicapping efforts, it will also show you the sites that offer the most bang for your buck.

  • VIDEO #7
    Twin Spires

    Things have certainly changed within the horse racing industry since I first started handicapping! Online wagering is booming as of late and I am constantly being asked where I bet online, what site is the safest, which is the easiest to use, etc. One of my favorites is TwinSpires, and in this video, I’ll give you a glimpse into TwinSpires, how it works and why it is one of my favorites.

  • VIDEO #8
    Bet America

    BetAmerica is another one of my favorite, trusted online betting sites and in this video, I take you on a tour of BetAmerica and the services it provides you with. In the BetAmerica video you will get to see their set-up, how it can work for you and how you can even interact with fellow handicappers by creating “user made tournaments” and test your skills against friends and other handicappers.

  • VIDEO #9
    Xpress Bet

    XpressBet is another highly respected online betting site and in the XpressBet video, I’ll show you the mechanics of this site and the special features they have that I like the most. Although it is my 3rd favorite of the bunch, there are many unique features about XpressBet that I will share with you that you might want to incorporate into your online betting.

  • VIDEO #10
    Twin Spires Live

    In my effort to bring you a high quality selection system like the Oldest System on the Planet, I wanted to set this system apart from the other systems out there. What better way to do that than to spotlight not only the selection method I use, but that same method in action. In the TwinSpires live video you will see me select OSOP horses, bet these horses, watch the race and see me collect the winnings.

  • VIDEO #11
    Handicappers Track Talk

    Sometimes in the horse racing crowd, you might get a little lost in translation with terms like “bug boy” and “baby races” floating around. As a bonus video, I put together the Handicapper’s Track Talk to accompany the book. In Handicapper’s Track Talk, we will discuss some of the top handicapper’s phrases and definitions so that if you are unfamiliar with any of these terms, you will be talking like a true horseplayer.

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Still not sure? Here are what just a few of my customers thought:

As I write this I just hit a nice 5-1 horse in the 4th race at Charles Town that paid a nice 12.60!…I think that’s what makes the races so compelling, that there is so much information to factor yet OSOP works and is so simple!
I’m going to put OSOP up against another system I’ve had laying around for awhile…and will let you know the results! Ed W., Omaha, NE

Today–I down loaded your OLDEST SYSTEM and tried it on a few races. Guss what! It works. They didn’t pay big but I’ll take it. I cn’t beleave its so simple. TKS TKS Well worth the cost.Harry G., USA

coming to your system…..what can I say…I have been testing ever since I bought your book and believe me I am able to spot long shots exactly the way you have claimed…I just cant believe it…to give the range of odds, it varies anywhere between 2 to 1 to 20 to 1!….just yesterday I spotted one which won at 5 to 1….its very good odds…other day, I backed one at 9 to 1….accuracy is currently hovering around 60% but at these odds, I am sure one can stay in profit (based on probability theory)…well, I consider myself to be very lucky to stumble upon your website & your system…I want to thank you profusely for what you have shared…also, one of the book that you have sent (Winners) is amazing… this book motivates even a dead to get up and do what they like in life…amazing book… thanks for that… Lastly, I am still testing your system and its doing well (you are right that you dont get speed burners at higher odds very often) and on the verge of implementing it fully soon… will keep you posted on the outcomesVinay, India

I tried your system out last Friday at six different race tracks. I bet 28 races that fit your system at $2 each…My return was just over $75. Not bad for my first day. I guess the winnings…covered my investment…so I’m ahead for the rest of my life! Looking forward to trying it out again my next visit to the track.-David, New Jersey, USA

I’ve been playing the horses for about 50 years and have bought nearly every system that was offered. I have also worked very hard to perfect my own…Your advice is very good…They are close to the same rules I have learned to follow thourgh experience over 50 years… Steven, South Africa

Just writing to let your other visitors know how much I enjoyed your horse racing system. I was a total beginner and this was the perfect place to start. But then it’s also a good place to end because your system is massive in scope yet simple!!! Mitch, Canada

I have been making a living at the races for 15 years and in getting to where I am, I’ve literally tried dozens (prob more) of racing systems and software. I can honestly say your system is one of the best and an absolute steal at your price point. Very highly recommend this and feel free to share my email on your website. Cheers mate! Jesse, Australia

I’ve tried many horse racing systems and yours is my favorite. It is really easy to follow but most importantly it works!!! William, UK

I’ve been betting on horses for as long as I can remember and I found your guide to be extremely insightful. In no time I was able to apply what I learned and increase my winning percentage! Peter, UK

I’m still in utter shock having just placed my first bet online using your system and making a cool £150! I can’t wait to see what’s next! Jack

Your horse racing tips and system are brilliant! I’ve since told all my buddies who are interested in horse racing and it’s really changed how we approach the races. Keep it up and all the best. Aiden, Las Vegas

P.S. This might be your only chance to order The Oldest System On The Planet at this price and begin to enjoy the success you deserve at the races. In fact, I guarantee your first winner will pay for the system! If it doesn’t, simply send me an email for a full refund!

Note: The Horse Player Haven System is an online course consisting of ebooks and video tutorials in a membership area. No physical products will be shipped. Immediately after ordering, you will receive a username and password to access the members area where you can download your ebooks and view the tutorial videos. This product can be viewed on both Mac and PC.