OSOP Results for 06-27-2021

Track Date RaceNo HorseNo HorseName Results
Belmont Park Jun-27-2021 3 3 Q F Seventy Five SHOW!
Canterbury Park Jun-27-2021 3 4 Toil And Trouble Also Ran
Century Mile Jun-27-2021 5 4 Chickaletty PLACE!
Chippewa Downs Jun-27-2021 2 2 It Never Happened PLACE!
Columbus Jun-27-2021 1 1 It Is Dejavu Also Ran
Lethbridge Jun-27-2021 6 6 Remarkable Vintage WINNER!
Lone Star Park Jun-27-2021 6 5 Captain Beyond PLACE!
Lone Star Park Jun-27-2021 7 7 Musical Millie Also Ran
Lone Star Park Jun-27-2021 9 4 Elle’S Town Also Ran
Lone Star Park Jun-27-2021 11 1 Carlea’S Dream SHOW!
Louisiana Downs Jun-27-2021 4 8 Sunnyonastormyday Also Ran
Pimlico Jun-27-2021 5 5 Warm Sunny Breeze Also Ran
Pleasanton Jun-27-2021 6 7 Sassy Einstein PLACE!
Wyoming Downs Jun-27-2021 4 4 Sheza Machiavelli WINNER!

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