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Frequently Asked Questions

OSOP Picks

All OSOP From the BackSide Horses are posted within the “OSOP Picks” category. Every day this category will be updated with the following day’s selections.

How does OSOP’s From The BackSide get its selections?

All horses that meet Mike Lane’s OSOP selection criteria AND the “Twist” criteria, are listed on the daily picks.  The BackSide provides horse racing selections every day for every North American track that’s running that day. If you own a copy of the OSOP, then you already know how each horse is selected, but if you do not own a copy of OSOP, you can pick up a copy at

How many horses are selected per race?

The amount of OSOP horses in a race can vary from race to race.  Given our stringent criteria, only about 10% of horses racing on any given day meet our criteria.  But you can be assured that we analyze EVERY single race at EVERY single track in the United states EVERYDAY.

How should I bet the selections?

This, of course, is entirely up to you. The races are listed in alphabetical order, and the horses are listed in the order in which they appear on the form, so there is no importance placed on the order or horses or races. Whether you bet on one horse or all horses is up to your discretion.  You may want to look at the “Hot and Cold Tracks” section of the site to determine the tracks that have a higher propensity to win using our criteria, and put emphasis on betting on these tracks.  If the odds are high enough, typically 5 to 1 or better, you may want to place both a win and place bet.

Some of the horses selected didn’t run at all. Why is this?

Because selections are made at least one day in advance, some horses may scratch before a race. The reason why a horse may scratch can vary and sometimes happen as late as right before the race. If a horse does scratch, you may very well see him in an upcoming race. If the horse is a qualifying OSOP From the BackSide horse, we’ll be sure to post him again on a future race.

OSOP Results

All OSOP From the BackSide results are posted within the “OSOP Results” category. Every day this category will be updated with the previous or current day’s results.

How are the results listed?

OSOP results are listed in tabular format, similar to the way picks are listed.  The finish of all horses is indicated on the column labeled “Results.”  The dollar payout of the horse is listed on the column labeled “Winnings”

All winning or place earnings are based on $2 wagers. This is the same for all exotic wagers as well. We realize that some of you will wager higher amounts, but to keep things simple for everyone, we use $2 wagers as our standard.

What If The Races Were Cancelled?

Sometimes race days do get cancelled because of weather conditions are track conditions that are too dangerous for the horses and riders. If this is the case, the “Results” column will indicate “scratched” or “Cancelled” – this means the horse did not race.

Hot Tracks

What are Hot and Cold Tracks?

We keep running statistics on how OSOP From the BackSide selections are doing to help you make better betting selections with our horses. On the 1st and 15th of every month, we will post “Hot” and “Cold” Tracks in the “Hot and Cold Tracks” page.

The listing is made in this fashion for both hot and cold tracks:

Track Name – Total # Picks – % In the Money – Total Winnings – avg $/pick

Aqueduct – 8 – 63% – $35.80 – $4.48

In the example above, We have listed the name of the track “Aqueduct” – the total number of picks for the past 2 weeks that were made on this track (8) – The percentage of picks that were either win, place or show (63%) – the total dollar of winning from the picks ($35.80) – And the Average payout for each pick that was made ($35.80/8 = $4.48)

Similarly, all the cold tracks are listed in the same fashion.  For best results, you may want to put more wagering emphasis on the hot tracks and less wagering emphasis on the cold tracks.