OSOP Results for 9-28-2022

Track Date RaceNo HorseNo HorseName Results
Albuquerque Sep-28-2022 8 5 Zonna Scratched
Assiniboia Downs Sep-28-2022 1 2 Dot Dash Dot Scratched
Assiniboia Downs Sep-28-2022 6 7 Arouse N Go Also Ran
Belterra Park Sep-28-2022 8 1 Keen Mind Also Ran
Finger Lakes Sep-28-2022 5 2 Brother Jeremiah WINNER!
Horseshoe Indianapolis Sep-28-2022 6 6 Royal To Be Also Ran
Horseshoe Indianapolis Sep-28-2022 7 4 Buehler’S Day Off SHOW!
Mountaineer Casino Racetrack & Resort Sep-28-2022 4 3 Volte Face WINNER!
Thistledown Sep-28-2022 3 2 Powerful Phil WINNER!

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